Interel's Karel Joos offers a unique and detailed view of corporate public affairs professionals

Bijgewerkt: 1 mrt 2020

Lobbying : Insight, Influence, Impact. How companies can convince policy makers How to convince policy makers without backroom politics

Completely reviewed, updated and extended edition

Lobby past the dark backrooms – A clear view of the intersection between politics, the business world and the media

This is how they are called: Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Sugar, Big Tobacco, Big Alcohol, the bank lobby, the automotive lobby, the nuclear energy lobby, the agricultural lobby, even the climate lobby. Their interests are defended by so-called lobby machines and when they knock on the door, every policymaker shrinks and sweats. Because their wish is our command. That’s what they say.

Although lobbying has been around for centuries, public perception is still considerably flawed. Companies and public authorities have to deal with prejudice, and all too often they are not really talking to each other.

Lobbying is the first textbook in Dutch and French that analyzes, explains and how companies can interact effectively and efficiently with policy makers. Based on his many years of international experience in politics, the public sector and the corporate world, Karel Joos offers a unique and detailed view of what a corporate public affairs professional really does. He elaborates on basic concepts and techniques, frequently made lobbying errors and current topics such as ethics and transparency.

A successful public affairs campaign boils down to the interplay of three elements: insight, influence and impact. Based on an extensive case study and concrete, clear examples, the lobbying practice is brought into the light from start to finish.

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