Pitching, késako?

Many of you are probably already familiar with the action of “pitching”. However, even though the end goal is always to convince, the way to pitch is different from one audience to another. 

The elevator pitch

The elevator pitch is a favorite of many people, not only in the communication sector but in all situation where one has to make a point in a quick and efficient way. The term comes from the time you could spend in an elevator with your interlocutor : you have 3 minutes during which they cannot do anything but listening to you. Make the most of it. Short, efficient, to the point, you do not have to prepare pages and pages of notes to convince your audience. In just a few minutes, you share your vision and mission and why you believe it is of interest for your public. 

One action, multiple functions

Pitching journalists  

As communication experts, our clients often ask us to secure them visibility in the media. We thus know that the end goal is to convince the journalist that what our client has to say represents added value for their article and the media in general. 

Why is it benefiting the media’s audience/readership? That might seem easy at first glance but it is actually important to know the editorial line of the publication you want to convince and the approach you want to use depending on the journalist. Besides, this step can contribute to creating good relationships with key journalists. 

Pitching investors

Pitching investors takes convincing to a whole different level. When presenting your project or your brand to investors, you hope that they will get on board and either collaborate with you or invest in your idea with their time and money. Therefore you need to be well-prepared and have anticipated all the questions they might ask you during your presentation. These could be factual and based on figures (e.g. expected growth within 5 years) or more implied (what is your why).

Pitching a potential client

As a consultancy agency, this is something we are used to. In this situation, we need to convince the brand to entrust us with their communication and PA strategies and actions. The pitching phase is crucial as it is often at this step of the process that the first face-to-face contact takes place, kick-starting the relationship. As a potential external partner, our goal is to display our skills and expertise and to demonstrate the added value that we could bring to the brand and/or company.

As previously stated, the main objective of pitching is to convince your audience. Depending on who you are trying to convince (potential clients, investors, journalists…) and why, you need to carefully choose the pieces of information to communicate as well as how you will share them. Pitching can sometimes seem rather daunting, but it is worth the effort.