Who should be in charge of your public communication?

Spokesperson : "a person who is chosen to speak officially for a group or organization” - Cambridge Dictionary

Who could become a spokesperson?

Can anyone become the spokesperson of a company? Yes. However, there are some necessary skills to be developed in order to be a proficient speaker. 

It is important to understand that the chosen person to occupy this role becomes both the face and the voice of a company or group of people. Whatever the spokesperson says or does can impact, both positively and negatively, the person, group or organisation they are representing. As a spokesperson, the person will not speak for herself, but will communicate in the name of another party in order to represent its interests.  

Therefore, when it comes to choosing a spokesperson, it is essential to assess their credibility. Depending on the situation, here are some examples of figures to consider appointing as spokesperson:

  • The CEO of the company, in case of an important crisis ;

  • Experts, who can provide accurate and relevant information ;

  • A public figure that the audience knows and trust ;

  • A spokesperson that has already proven its abilities ;

  • An employee of the company prepared to answer the journalists’ questions in the most efficient way.

The importance of training

It is of the utmost importance that the person/people you chose to take the word on behalf of your company is well prepared. Therefore, we recommend following a media training. By doing so, the communication experts teach you how to conduct, react and answer to the journalists’ (sometimes tricky) questions.

The content of information provided is as important as the form. What you say is not the only thing you should care about, but also how you say it. Do you give the impression you believe in what you say? Are you confident in what you’re saying? These are elements that journalists and your overall audience (in case of a tv interview for instance) can easily pick up. As spokesperson, you represent the company and play a major part in the image it gives out in public. The goal is to establish yourself as a reliable source of information. The audience must feel that you are trustworthy.